Disorder, Threats, Behaviour – Defence Lawyer

behavioral_imageFacing a disorderly, threatening or other behaviour charge?  Need a defence lawyer?  Call us free on 0800 LEGAL DEFENCE (0800 534253).

There are different types of offences relating to behaviour, such as offensive language, disorderly behaviour, wilful damage, threatening to kill, and obstructing Police.

How do we know if our behaviour amounts in law to one of these offences?  What is ‘offensive language’ or ‘disorderly behaviour’?  How do the different social and moral standards in society apply in these cases?  What about your right to freedom of expression?

Do not assume that you have committed an offence simply because you have been charged after using some choice words or behaving in a certain way.  Proper legal advice can assist with whether the conduct matches the charge and with other defences which may be available.

We can assist you with these types of charges.  It may be possible to resolve the charge without a conviction being entered or to defend the charge.  Contact us now for free on 0800 LEGAL DEFENCE (0800 534253).