Theft and Dishonesty Offences – Defence Lawyer


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Offences involving dishonesty include theft, fraud, receiving, burglary, robbery and some aggravated forms of those offences.

Sentences for offences involving dishonesty can range between a fine to lengthy terms of imprisonment, depending on the particular charge and all the circumstances of the case. For some dishonesty offending it may be possible to obtain a discharge without conviction.

Dishonesty convictions can affect people in other ways. A conviction for an offence involving dishonesty could have an adverse impact on your current or future employment prospects. If a conviction will not affect you now, what about in the future? Do not assume you will get the benefit of the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004. Even after seven years that Act does not apply in many circumstances. A conviction on some offences involving dishonesty could also impact on your ability to travel internationally.

There is often forensic evidence involved in these types of cases, such as DNA, fingerprint or trace evidence. The existence of forensic evidence is far from conclusive evidence in many cases. Have the samples been collected, handled, analysed and reported correctly? Is the presence of any forensic evidence explained by some innocent event? How does the forensic evidence relate to the other evidence? Proper legal advice may assist with issues relating to forensic evidence.

Ideally you should consider getting legal advice before giving a statement to Police. If you have already made a statement it may be important to get legal advice about it. The statement could be a proper denial, and one which is useful in your defence. If you have admitted anything to Police it may not be as bad as you think. Some people admit committing a crime when the law actually says they have not. Sometimes the admission does not match the charge. It may also be important to consider whether the Police afforded your rights correctly. If the Police did not comply with your rights it may be possible to exclude the statement so it cannot be used in a prosecution.

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